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Llaut Palace Hotel & Spa 5*, offers top gastronomy combining the most current gastronomic techniques as the leading restaurants on Majorca. Surprise yourself at one of the 3 haute-cuisine restaurants where

where you can enjoy an authentic Teppanyaki, the bistro and the international buffet with 3 show cooking areas, while taking in spectacular views of the sea in a privileged location with panoramic views.



Enjoy an Asian fusion gastronomy experience at KATAGI Blau. Located in the 5 star hotel Llaut Palace, KATAGI Blau is one of the best restaurants on Palma de Mallorca with Asian fusion cuisine, where you can enjoy a charming rooftop with splendid views of the Mediterranean combined with a fusion of flavours between Asia and Majorca to delight your palate, prepared by renowned chef Gunnar Blischke.
It features a lounge bar area with a spacious room and terrace, which is ideal for having an original cocktail in Playa de Palma in a sophisticated atmosphere with background music and 3 authentic Teppanyaki stations, where you can enjoy a delicious gastronomic lunch or dinner. Share your #katagiblauexperience with us.
KATAGI Blau offers a complete gastronomic experience for the senses. It has a haute-cuisine Asian menu with dishes you can watch being made. It offers exclusive service. The doors are open to the general public.
Plus, on Sundays, we invite you to enjoy a delicious Brunch accompanied by a spa session at the lovely Llaut Palace relaxation centre. 12 a.m. to 4 p.m.


Restaurant Orza at Llaut Palace Hotel. Situated on the ground floor of the hotel, it is the ideal place to begin the day with a delicious buffet breakfast and finish it off with a savoury dinner with varied haute-cuisine dishes and 3 show cooking areas in a spacious and comfortable dining area.


The restaurant Norai at Llaut Palace s a fantastic place to enjoy a selection of delicately made tapas that perfectly combine with the surprising cocktails we serve. Norai Tapas Bar offers a varied gastronomic proposal with the best international dishes using top quality ingredients and meticulous presentation with modern culinary techniques. Surprise yourself at Llaut Palace



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